Why Club One Shot?

The truth is, we never buy anything straight from the person who made it. Even those brands who say they are 'direct to consumer'. 

It's also like companies never listen.

Even with the ease of internet shopping at our disposal, retail is still set up to benefit the seller — not the makers, or you, the customer.

Those brands still buy their product from a manufacturer, slap a brand name on it, and sell it to you for more than they paid. 

So, how does One Shot provide you with the best products at their best price?

The answer is we've become the brand in the equation.

Club One Shot is a new way of shopping — one that gives you the same advantages that brands have had for years. By connecting you to high quality manufacturers and allowing you to shop at factory prices.

Retail has always been about access, with brands using inflated prices to control who their clientele. We don't believe in that. We think that high-quality, apparel have a real-world value, so we've set up a way to sell them at realistic prices to you.

Members are granted access to One Shot's full range of apparel, made by an in-house factory, but sold at cost. That means that you'll only pay for the product itself and any fulfilment fees (packaging, warehousing, shipping). We will reach out to members, hear them out, and allow them to have a voice in our company.

The middle man is gone. Just high-quality apparel, at the right price.

Welcome to Club One Shot.

Responsibly Made
Fast Shipping