Our journey to launch

Oneshot Founders at launch photoshoot

From the very beginning, we said no to hiring a photographer. We wanted to do our own photoshoot. It meant running the entire thing between the two of us. From buying our own studio lights, rigs and sets, to turning our gym into a studio, to getting a huge helping hand from our friends as models.

It’s truly an amazing experience to get involved in a photoshoot and to understand the subtle nuances and process behind the scenes that go into creating one. We definitely have a newfound respect to a team involved in creating a shoot like this, from photographers and models, to stylists, and artists. Hats off to you all!

We had a blast at our four photoshoots, had a ton of laughs, and we cannot thank everyone that helped us and made our jobs so much easier over the four days enough!

Stay tuned for our launch date on the 17th of October, 2020!


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