About Us

OneShot Founders on Grass
Over coffee one afternoon before COVID-19 hit, we were wondering why quality women's athletic apparel was so expensive. It became apparent why this was. There were so many aspects to women's workout gear, it's not just pieces of cloth stitched together.
Then we had an idea. Could we possibly produce high-quality, comfortable athletic clothing for women without it being extortionate for them to buy?

That was the beginning of One Shot. With both of us holding full-time jobs, we took this one shot and began building our brand. We began sourcing materials and experimenting with blends of fabrics, to create an alternative for women to choose from. 
OneShot Founders on shoot
Every step of the journey we've taken so far, has been very hands-on. We wanted to savour the process, to understand our product and our client's needs, and listen to their concerns on clothing so we can continue to adapt and evolve. 
We hope to provide an alternative to the market where you can buy high-quality and comfortable workout apparel without breaking the bank. 
This is One Shot.
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